Available with subtitles in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, German, Norwegian, Japanese and Albanian Shadow Gene is a multi-award winning film, including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress. The story follows Damsel, a beautiful female assassin as she stalks the streets of a dystopian London searching for men who carry a dangerous inherited gene, a gene that engenders a taste for violence and greed. However along the way Damsel discovers she has been betrayed by her benefactor and is catapulted into a socio-psychological transformation to find out who she really is.


    A young girl is raised by a mysterious older woman and nurtured into becoming a deadly killer. Her task... destroy men infected with the distinctive gene of violence... the Shadow Gene.

    However one day, an encounter with a seedy Corporate Executive shifts the balance between victim and perpetrat...

  • Shadow Gene Trailer

    Set in a dystopian London, Shadow Gene follows the journey of an assassin on a deadly mission to free the world of a terrible virus. This award winning experimental film is as distinct a genre movie as you'll ever see. Shot on discarded S8 and 16mm film stocks as well as using analogue art forms,...

  • Shadow Gene: 'Occupy London'

    An extract from the 'Making of' film shot as a video blog during the turbulent months of production. Director, Mark Norfolk explains how a scene featuring the Occupy London protest at St. Paul's Cathedral in London segued itself into the movie.

  • Shadow Gene EPK

    Actors, Elisabeth Dahl and Riley Stewart discuss their roles in Shadow Gene.

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